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workThroughProjectIdeas [1%] by bbogart, 2014-08-06 09:27 AM
Post your Ideas for "Work-Through" projects here.
workshopPhilosophy [1%] by bbogart, 2013-03-20 09:50 AM
* SINP The PDDP workshops cover all the areas PD is strong at dealing with. These areas are interleaved so that ideas from networks and graphics are kept in ...
chaos [1%] by bbogart, 2012-11-15 06:15 AM
calculate various "Chaotic Attractors"
gphoto [1%] by bbogart, 2012-12-17 02:13 AM
an object to interface digital cameras
PDDP-DMLC [1%] by bbogart, 2008-12-23 06:56 AM
This page is the working development for the "Digital Media and Learning" grant.
pso [1%] by bbogart, 2012-12-17 02:10 AM
Particle Swarm Optimizer
How PDDP relates to DMLC funding (Diagram) [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-02 09:07 PM
This diagram shows the relation between the parts of the PDDP project, in relation to funding options available from DMLC.
BensDMLCNotes [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-02 07:47 PM
PDDP Grant (DML Competition) Support for: Educators Learning entrepreneurs Communicators Funders: MacArthur: learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic ...
PDDPParts [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-02 07:13 PM
This is the page that shows the parts of the PDDP project and associated tasks.
IRC log for September 18th 2007 PDDP Meeting [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-01 11:36 PM
PDDP Meeting-2007-09-18 [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-01 10:39 PM
PDDP September 18th 200711:00am to 12:46pm
NextMeetingAgenda [1%] by bbogart, 2007-10-01 10:32 PM
Proposed Meeting Agenda for Next Meeting
lexicon [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-18 07:17 PM
pddp-draft-templates [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-18 06:33 PM
Ben's stuff related to PDDP
Template 11 implimented for freeverb~ [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-13 06:44 PM
Test implimentation of freeverb~ PDDP patch. 12mins not including the "complex example" Width of comment is a but of a problem here. The font also seems to ...
Template 11 Screengrab [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-13 06:20 PM
Created on Debian etch with Pd Pd-0.39.3-extended-debian-stable-i386.deb (20070913)
Template 11 [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-13 06:15 PM
Removed page-flipper and added link placeholder for pdpedia
Sept-11-2007-IRC_LOG [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-11 09:23 PM
IRC log for September 11th 2007 PDDP Meeting
PDDP Meeting-2007-09-11 [1%] by bbogart, 2007-09-11 08:24 PM
**September 11th 2007**
pddp [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 09:35 PM
Ben's stuff related to PDDP
ArduinoIDE [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
arduino-help [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
screenshot of a slightly altered arduino-help.pd
KnobAndSlider [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
Two resistive sensors connected to the arduino board.
pd/Gem Abstractions [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
including beta v_ with OSC hooks! version .2
pd/Gem Abstractions v0.3 [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
Requires Gem, Zexy, prepend and OSCx
PD/Gem Initial Lecture [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
This is an interactive PD patch lecture that is a basic intro to PD and Gem for beginers.
Abstractions for Pd/Gem [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
This is a collection of a few abstractions that get me through the day in pd/Gem I've also included the beta release of my v_ Gem GOPs including a film looper, ...
Screenshot of the v_ abtsraction collection [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
V_ is a collection of GEM abstractions that make building gem chains a little faster. It makes gem easier for beginers to contend with, and makes it a little ...
XY-Controller Abstraction [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
XY-Controller is a PD abstraction that uses acceleration to smoothly interpolate from one position to the next. It can be cascaded so that you run multiple ...
Homepage for PixelTANGO [1%] by bbogart, 2007-05-06 07:45 PM
PixelTANGO (aka “pt”) is a set of abstractions and externals, for pd/GEM, that make using pd and GEM easier, faster and more satisfying. The purpose of ...

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