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A personal collection of externals which fall in many categories. It is partly a playground for learning, and implementation of DaFx papers. It also contains ports of audio software from other free projects.

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

This package is a collection of various Puredata externals for signal processing.

Each class is accompanied with a help file. Open this file in Puredata for usage information and details.

bleprect~ bandlimited rectangle oscillator with hard sync
blepsaw~ bandlimited sawtooth oscillator with hard sync
bleptri~ bandlimited triangle oscillator with hard sync
bbd~ digital model of the analog bucket brigade delay (BBD)
limit~ limiter
robot~ robotic sound effect
lfos~ array of LFOs with fixed relative phase offsets
sincos combined computation of sine and cosine (faster)
tri~ primitive triangle oscillator
miditranspose transposition of MIDI note events
midiselect MIDI event selection by channel and type
delayA~ allpass delay line
nlcubic~ cubic non-linearity
dcremove~ DC offset remover
opl3~ emulation of the Yamaha OPL3 with MIDI driver

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