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jmmmp 0.59

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Added [live2reaper]

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Get jmmmp 0.59 for All platforms (Source code) (502.9 kB)

jmmmp library - v0.59

Release Notes

State Final release
License BSD

Abstractions by João Pais

Version 0.59

(c) 2005-2020 João Pais -
Released under the BSD and CC A-NC3 licenses (more information in each abstraction).

This package has several utilities with different functions. It is composed of abstractions only.

ardourjack-gui Controls ardour transport and jack settings from Pd
array-edit Edit properties of arrays and populate them following several formulas
bezier Transfer function GUI with one cubic bézier curve
bezier~ Transfer function GUI with one cubic bézier curve at audio rate
but Monochrome bang button
butt Color-changing Toggle Button
cellblock numeric grid
clock Chronometer with display in seconds
dacc~ dynamic dac~ outlet up to 32 channels
dacm~ Mono dac~ for lazy people
datei-o Sends the message "open ../../"
datei-r Sends the message "read ../../"
datei-w Sends the message "write ../../"
ds-color-sel color selector for data structures
dsp01 DSP switch
f+ Counter with variable increment
Granulator Pure Data port of Robert Henke's Granulator
gui-edit edit standard GUI objects fast
jp.dbtofad a vanilla modelling of [iemlib/dbtofad]
jp.garble garble Pd patches
jp.list-drip similar to other versions of list-drip Dropdown menu programmed with data structures
jp.preset Dropdown preset saver programmed with data structures
jp.sigtovu~ signal to rms converter in VU meter format
jp.split-symb-first split a symbol, using a character as separator.
jp.split-symb-last split a symbol, using a character as separator.
jp.symbol-expand split a symbol into a list with individual elements separated by spaces
lbang loadbang which can be triggered more often
liner~ practical implementation of [line~]
liner+~ practical implementation of signal envelopping
live2reaper - Synchronizer from Ableton Live to Cuckos Reaper, though Ableton Link.
mat~ Level meter with amplitude control
mat-~ Level meter with amplitude control, horizontal
maat~ Level meter with amplitude control, stereo
maat-~ Level meter with amplitude control, stereo, horizontal
mat4~ Level meter with amplitude control, 4 channels
mat4-~ Level meter with amplitude control, 4 channels, horizontal
matrixctrl GUI for [iemmatrix/mtx_mul~]
met~ Level meter with amplitude control (with VU, too CPU expensive for me)
metrum Metro with GUI
m-i Automatic conversion of MIDI controller
mk Visual display of MIDI inputs
multiarray store and operate several graphical arrays in one graphical container
oscD Counts received OSC messages
oscS Interface for sendOSC
pd-colors Pd color palettes (Data Structures + Tcl/Tk)
pix2canvas Convert images into canvas
rec-name Automatic naming for a record/playback engine
rgb-color Pick RGB colors for your GUI objects
scale maps an input range to an output range, in vanilla
sguigot spigot GUI implementation
sliders GUI for incoming midi data
snaps~ snapshot~ GUI implementation
spectrogram~ Spectrogram with 512 bins resolution
stoppuhr Chronometer with two layers
swatch Pick a color using the hue-saturation chart
swatch-gui Pick a color for your GUI using the hue-saturation chart
tastin Gate for keyboard input
uhr Shows the time

The jmmmp library is dependent from the following libraries: cyclone, ext13, ggee, iemlib, iemmatrix, zexy (and maybe others).


Non-working or discarded abstractions:

aufnahme~ - Multichannel audio recorder (1 to 8 channels)
bcf2000 - Store and recall presets for Behringer BCF2000
-dsp - replaced by dsp01
datei-l - replaced with datei-o


Version 0.59
- added [live2reaper]

Version 0.58
- added [cellblock] and [scale]
- added list-abs dependency to [matrixctrl]

Version 0.57
- added [jp.garble], [jp.list-drip], [jp.split-symb-first], [jp.split-symb-last], [jp.symbol-expand]
- removed some external dependencies from [swatch] and [swatch-gui]
- improved external declarations for [ardourjack-gui], [array-edit], [bezier], [bezier~], [dacm~], [], [jp.preset], [sliders], [stoppuhr]
Features added to [multiarray]:
- improved display of audio arrays
- "write" output message
- removed code redundancies
- added patch cleanup after saving
- x-display
- get color, thickness, vis
- y-axis reference line

Version 0.56
- removed some pddp dependencies
Features added to [multiarray]:
- show ID
- y-window scaling
- fixed a bug in "size" method
- read and write audio files
- configuration file to load at startup
- background
- general setting for color, thickness, visibility

Version 0.55
Features added to [multiarray]:
- removed dependency from iemguts and multiarray-unit.pd external
- array visibility
- ID check and ID status query
- save and load multiarray data
- x and y scaling

Version 0.54
- Added [multiarray] and [jp.sigtovu~]

Version 0.53
- Added [jp.dbtofad], [mat4~] and [mat4-~]
- fixed iemlib dependency in [matxxx~] objects.

Version 0.52
- [] and [jp.preset] - changed donecanvasdialog command to coords, because of vanilla bug going into edit mode.
- [Granulator] - fixed bug that activated FM modulation
- [mat~] object group - included color display for signal volume

Change log

Added [live2reaper]

by João Pais last modified 2020-08-01 06:57 PM

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