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Roadmap for Gem

Roadmap index
An overview of the upcoming releases for this project. Participants in the project can add new features to the list.

2018-12-24: Gem 0.94_pre1 (Alpha release)

Tested with pd 0.48, pd 0.49
License GPL
Expected Release 2018-12-24

Release Manager: IOhannes m zmölnig

0.94 prerelease

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Associated feature proposals

Completed and merged
#1: extendible GemState (IOhannes m zmölnig)

Gem 0.92svn (Unreleased) — "snap your fingers break your neck"

License GPL
Repository branch trunk

Release Manager: IOhannes m zmölnig

very outdated Gem snapshot from 2009

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No improvement proposals associated with this release.

Gem current (Unreleased)

License GPL
Repository branch tree

snapshot of the current development branch

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No improvement proposals associated with this release.

Proposals being discussed

These proposals are currently under consideration for inclusion in an upcoming release.

Proposal Type Proposed by Added Target Release
#2: unified pix-orientation Architecture IOhannes m zmölnig 2009-08-25
#3: split Gem-core and Gem-objects User interface IOhannes m zmölnig 2009-08-25

Rejected and Deferred Proposals

Rejected and deferred proposals have been moved to a separate page.

You can also view all proposals or draft proposals.

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