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Pd in Five Days, Walcheturm, Zürich, May 2006.

 Pd is not just software, its a community.  This workshop is an invitation to
join the community.  With this workshop, you will all become contributors by
helping to test the latest release and by testing the tutorial and workshop
materials.  Pd is free software.  This means that everyone is free to
do whatever they want with it.  

We encourage everyone to not only be a user, but also a developer.  This is a
question of literacy.  Would you teach someone how to read without also
teaching them how to write?  With computers, we should be thinking the same
way.  We need to make our tools read/write also.


 "Examples from other courses"

"Day 1 - Intro and some Sound"

"Day 2 - Visuals with Gem"

"Day 3 - Sound"

"Day 4 - Arduino and Pd":

"Day 5 - Networking and OSC"


  * "Alejo Duque"

  * "Andalus Liniger"

  * "Anja Kaufmann":

  * "Dimitri Lymbourides":

  * "Enrique Erne":

  * "Hans-Christoph Steiner":

  * "Jasch":

  * "Jo&atilde;o Miguel Pais":/Members/jmmmp

  * "Mara Montoya"

  * "Monya Pletsch":

  * "Patrick Schoenenberger":

  * "Roman Haefeli"

  * "Urban Schegler"

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