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How you can contribute your work here

So you'd like to contribute your work to this site, you want to get feedback or you just look for a place to host your 20 megabyte Pd recordings? You've hit the jackpot here! Sharing is really easy here if you follow these steps. But please: do only upload stuff you own and have permission to publish. If you start using this as a piracy file server you will get banned.

Become a member first and login

To use any of this features you need to become a member first. Just register for this site and you're ready to go.

Adding your music

After you're logged in, you can submit music, works, pieces, tracks or however you like to name it to this site. Navigate to your folder (called my folder in the navigation bar at the top) and switch to contents view. Now add an item called File. You will be presented with a little form where you can upload a file and add a description to it. The description should include you name (pseudonym is fine) and some information about your piece. It is important that the Name of your file is complete including a valid file suffix like yourtrack.ogg. Otherwise people won't know how to open it. Then upload and save your file. After that you need to give it a Keyword, so that it can automatically appear in the community folder under Tracks with Pd (name pending to change). Go to the Properties tab of your just uploaded file and in the list of Keywords select Track. If you want to get feedback you also should Enable discussion for your file. Again save.

Well, that's about it. Now you're work is submitted to appear in the tracks area. Depending on your role here, it might first need to be published by one of our reviewers, who should make sure, that you're not trying to upload any copyright protected Britney Spears mp3 (or pictures).

Adding your patches

Basically you need to do everything as described under Adding Music, only the Keyword is another. For patches use the Keyword: Patch. Of course you also need to give the correct filename including an ending like .pd in the Name field, so people know how to deal with it.

Adding images

Adding images can be done everywhere in your workspace. You should use the Photo product, since it is stored in different solution on the server and can be handled more gracefully. Also you can use the PhotoAlbum? to create a collection of Photos and load Photos to the site via ftp or webdav.

Short Info For The Site Admins (users don't need to read this)

To create more automatically collected folders under community you need to add a "Topic" to that folder. Then go to the "criteria" tab and make a rule: "Subject is: some keyword".

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