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Here are some Hints and Helps for Website Editors and Developer. Please add any documents that you think are missing from this collection. For a complete list [ see here].

== For Users ==

 *[ How to set member Preferences]: Each member has a set of preferences when logged in. How and why to change is described here.
 *[ Photos und Images wie mach ich das?]
 *[ How to add a wiki]: If you start a Wiki in your home or in some other place here some tips to customize
 *[ How to import the SSL certificate]

== Syntax Documentation ==

 *[ Help on Moinmoin Wiki Syntax]
 *[ An Introduction to Structured Text]
 *[ ReStructured Text cheat sheet]  A short overview of possibilities of the Restructered Text (in [ German])

== Website Editors ==

 *[ How to access the PD Website]: How you can access the Website besides the online editing tools. 

== How-Tos ==

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