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We now have a lovely Plone Software Downloads page which is on its way to becoming the central depot for all sorts of Pd projects. It is open to all relevant projects that use Pd. Here's how to add your project.

  1. Log in with your account

  2. go to the downloads page

  3. to create your project page, look on the upper left, and click

  4. fill out as much of the form as possible and click at the bottom of the page. Its good to also include a screenshot and a logo image.

  5. on your new project page, under the Current release section, click on Go to the release folder to add or publish a release

  6. at the upper right of the Releases page, click

  7. fill in the form, and click

  8. in the upper right of your new release page, click to set the state of this released, i.e. alpha, beta, final, etc.

  9. in the upper right, click add item, then choose either downloadable file if you want to host your release on, or externally hosted file if you want to provide a link to your release that is hosted elsewhere.

  10. fill out the form and click

Your project and its new release should now be visible on the main download page. You can always access this page by adding the name of your project to the end of the downloads page URL.

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