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There is a simple regression testing framework that runs automatically on some of the PdLab machines. There are two key details, the rest is up to you: the return values and the file structure.

The plan is then to have a script that crawls thru the whole tree looking for regression test files, running them, logging the results, and emailing the errors to

Return Values


the test completed successfully


the test failed (optional)


the test is not complete yet, reset the timeout counter (optional)

There is also a standard timeout. If a patch has not send SUCCESS, FAIL, or WAIT within that timeout, the test patch is killed.

File Structure

Currently the zexy library has the most complete test infrastructure. Its tests are all contained in a folder called tests which subfolders named after the objectclass that is being tested. Inside this subfolder are the Pd patches that contain the tests.

Alternate idea

First the filename must end in -regression.pd like a help patch ends in -help.pd. Second, if the test is successful, a bang must be sent to a [print SUCCESS].


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