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You have been working on your library for a while, and now you are ready to make a release. Here's how to do it. These instructions assume your library is based on the Library Template, but they mostly apply to any library.

Set the Version

The version is set in the mylib-meta.pd meta file using the VERSION tag. Set the version for your new release and commit the changes. Let's say the old version was 0.1 and you want to make the new version 0.2.

Tag Your Release

Now, you should tag your release in whatever source code management tool you are using. You will be using the version number for the tag. If you are using the pure-data SVN, you would do:

 svn cp \ \
   -m "tagging release 0.2"

Make A Source Tarball

The Makefile Template includes an easy command to make the source tarball for the release:

  cd mylib
  make dist

This will generate a tarball called mylib-0.2.tar.gz in your mylib/ folder. Now either post mylib-0.2.tar.gz to your own website, upload it to the downloads page on this website, or send it to to be posted on the SourceForge downloads site.

Create or Update Your Download Page

Every library can have its own page in the Downloads section. It serves as the central place to look for libraries, distros, apps, GUI plugins, etc. for Pd. Here's how to add or update the page for your library.

Make Binary Releases

You can also make binary releases. For this, you will need to build it on each platform you want to support. You can then upload those all to your website, the Downloads page for your library, or the SourceForge downloads site by emailing

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