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This page is a dictionary of the macros used in Pd's C code.

__APPLE__:: for only Apple Mac OS X

__gnu_linux__:: for GNU/Linux only

__linux__:: for GNU/Linux only

_MSC_VER:: for only Microsoft's compiler

MSW:: for Windows, Pd-only, deprecated, use _WIN32 or _MSC_VER

NT:: for Windows, Pd-only, deprecated, use _WIN32 or _MSC_VER

PD:: for selecting code between Pd and Max/MSP APIs

UNISTD:: Pd-only, usually means UNIX-like platforms (i.e. not Win32). Deprecated, use #ifndef _WIN32

UNIX:: Pd-only, usually means for GNU/Linux and historically IRIX. Deprecated, use __linux__, __APPLE__, or #ifndef _WIN32 to isolate platforms.

_WIN32:: for the Win32 API (e.g. MSVC and MinGW, but not Cygwin)

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