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Possible Mentors

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner


The hid external captures information from all HID hardware. This is, obviously, a very valuable external to get information that can be used in performance (and not only) contexts. So far, all plattforms but windows have the hid external. This is due to the difference in approach from the people at Microsoft compared to the unix coding. Resuming, the programming of a sucessful hid external for windows has been stalled for years, due to being necessary to write an object from scratch.

Resources to start

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of the windows hid protocoll

  • C Skills necessary to program a Pd external


A quick sentence on how hard it is.

Possible Breakdown of Steps

  • get reading from HID working in a Windows only object

  • get writing to HID working in a Windows only object

  • make Windows object work like the Linux/Mac object

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