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pdpedia project

This is the sketchpad for the pdpedia project. The core idea of the project is to provide a wikipedia-like store of information about Pd. One of the central features is a page for every help patch so that everyone has a place where they can contribute.

phase 1

Copy all existing content from help patches to the wiki using scripts. Let users complete the existing documentation in the wiki.

  • get mediawiki running (

  • automatically dump all content into it

  • add pddplinks to all the help patches for the Pd-extended release

phase 2

Take content from wiki and fold back into the help patches. The help patches then become the canonical source for the docs, and the wiki is synced from the help patches. The synced pages will be locked from editing, but every object will have a freely editable section for links, notes, workarounds, etc.

  • write sync script

  • restructure for mix of auto-synced and user-editable pages

phase 3

Other enhancements

  • searchable database

  • conversion to other formats (PDF, XML, etc)

tasks and owners

This is a list of the various slices of this project and who is doing each one.

  • set up mediawiki - Hans

  • insert links into every helpfile - Hans

  • define wiki page structure -

  • script to parse help files and put content into wiki pages -

  • investigate how to support multiple languages -

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