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PDDP @ piksel 2006

Piksel 2006 Proposal

The PureData? Documentation Project (PDDP) facilitates the learning of PureData? by suggesting a uniform model for the documentation of its objects and the numerous extras that accompanies it. Consisting of help patches, tutorials and workshops, PDDP is a user-based effort that addresses the need for open-source projects such as PureData? to become more easily accessible to less specialized group of users while maintaining the rigor of the original documentation. Convivial and participatory in nature, PDDP strives to achieve the same qualities in the documentation itself. With that objective in mind the project is setting up an online tracking of the progress made on the object's documentation and gathers feedback from workshop participants. PDDP is an international effort that serves to give voice to the needs of the less technical users while complementing what programmers have offered to the community.

The proposed project for Piksel 06 consists of a presentation and a three-day workshop series. The presentation will focus on current PDDP efforts and the issues relating to the development of a uniform template as well as of the coordination of the community effort. The presentation will further serve as a means to encourage users to contribute to the development and documentation of PureData? by introducing the different ways in which they can be involved.

The three-day workshop is geared towards beginners that are unfamiliar with Pure Data. The workshops will introduce PureData? by focusing on basic audio, image processing (GEM and Gridflow) and hardware interfacing (Multi IO or Arduino)

Reference Template

More images available upon request.

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