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**PDDP Meeting Agenda**
 Add your discussion items to the bottom of the page.

**What steps have been made?**
- Discussion about the wiki pages below.


- How PD should be taught.

- Rules for developing tutorials/workshops/curriculum

**PDDP changes**

- Template for help-patches (ready)

- Template for all_about (unchanged)

- Template for tutorials (new)

- Template for GUI elements

**Programming (overlaps with pd-dev discussions)**

- Meta data for help/objects/tutorials/etc..

- "Help" menu

- minimum screen size

**Wiki Structure**

- Structure of a future wiki to separate the different aspects of the project.

From bbogart Wed Jan 11 20:53:36 +0100 2006
From: bbogart
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 20:53:36 +0100
Subject: is this really functional?
Message-ID: <20060111205336+0100@>

Seems the page is not very useful as an agenda. Maybe we should have one document that has the longer term issues/discussions for PDDP, and a seperate place for a mini agenda for each meeting. What do you think Hans?

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