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**September 11th 2007**

  Duration: 1h 48m


  * Grant Application

  * Wiki update

  * Templates

Wiki Update

  * Problems:

    * Wiki titles

      * Some objects have the same name with different functionality. 

      * Solution: make the wiki case-sensitive

      * Solution: number redundant objects (possible?)

      * Solution: include extra stuff in the title (libdir) or  «Class:bang» (Matju)

    * SPAM

      * Solution: captchas

      * Solution: no anomymous logins

      * Solution: lets see what wikipedia does. 

  * **Try it:**


  * Reference

    * Remove page-flipper and add links to pdpedia

    * Matju and Marius would like to propose a alternate template to address what they see as short comings as the template would be too hard to roll-out. 

Grant Application

  * Deadline October 15th


  * Development of educational environments

  * Project: (Hans's proposal)

    1 start developing workshops and "user-test" in NYC/Canada

    2 improve the curriculum and Pd based on that feedback 

    3 translate and run workshops in south america

  * group to work on application: Ben, HC, Marius, Alexandre

  * Institutions:


    * PDDP associates

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