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there is a push to build a unified framework for documentation, tutorials, and workshops. First, we need to define the parts we are covering and the problems we are addressing, then we need to build the framework for all this, and finally, we add in the content.

PDDP Meetings

Next meeting is TBA (due to tight deadlines for the DMLC application)

NextMeetingAgenda (Add to me if something is missing)

  • 11.00 Pacific Time
  • 14.00 Eastern Time
  • 19.00 UTC (GMT)
  • 20.00 Central European
  • 21.00 Eastern European

PDDP Tasks for Next Meeting

  • Ben will put the meetings on the wiki, and a page for DMLC stuff.
  • Matju will bring a template (for classes?) next week.
  • Marius will bring a wiki template next week. (that's done.)
  • Marius needs help making a list of all objects for PD: (that's done too, is online!)

Previous Meetings

pdpedia, template and grant discussion. We have signed off on the reference template!!! PDDP Meeting-2007-09-18
First meeting after some time kicked off by PDCON07. We discussed the new wiki for object reference, Grant funding, templates, and assigned tasks. I'll start making a new page for each meeting now, as this template is tiresome. PDDP Meeting-2007-09-11
We discussed development of a web tracker, talked a bit about ways to encourage more community support for documentation and starting up the PD-Foundation.
We looked more carefully at the PDDPParts organization and talked a bit about the font issues keeping back the PDDP templates. 2006-04-25-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20060425
At this meeting, we looked at how to organize the PDDP project and came up with a lexicon that structures some elements of the PDDP project. 2006-01-31-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20060131
At this meeting, we discussed how to rate the difficulty of workshops and clarified the idea of the "workThrough" project-based workshop. 2006-01-17-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20060117
At this meeting, we discussed the idea of combining both high-level and low-level patching in workshops. 2005-12-19-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20051219
At this meeting, we talked a lot about our various appoaches and experiences teaching workshops, and tried to find some common ground to base the workshop framework on. 2005-12-06-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20051206
At this meeting, we finalized the reference template and discussed META information and some of the philsophy. We started in on all_about templates for the next meeting. 2005-11-29-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20051129
At this meeting, we mostly introduced everyone to the existing content and the overarching ideas. We also discussed at length the Help/Reference patch template. Transcript: 2005-11-22-pddp_meeting.txt BBogartsMeetingNotes20051122


This is a page that is trying to map out the parts of the PDDP project, hopefully the "working document" will follow this stucture. Also tasks that need to be done are in here as well. PDDPParts

To start with, there should be an overarching PDDP style which applies to help patches, manuals, tutorials, and workshops. Then there will be a consistent feel to all of these parts.

The PDDP patches could be broken down into three categories.

reference (*-help.pd)

There is already quite a bit of content: pddp-patches.tar.gz

Ben Bogart did a number sketches starting from on Dave Sabine's original work. We discussed them and others made tweaks, and its looking like template-8c.pd is the almost final version.


This patch would have a mostly text-based explanation of the inlets, outlets, and arguments. A simple example is also appropriate. At the bottom are links to further information and examples.

doc/pddp/float-help.pd is a good example of this

allabout (*-about.pd)


This patch is organized around a single concept rather than a single object. It outlines many ways to approach the concept with text, examples, and links to related PDDP files and objects.

doc/pddp/all_about_looping.pd is a good example of content. doc/pddp/all_about_data_types is an example, (but not quite finished)

tutorial (*-tutorial.pd)

Tutorials, modular subsets of workshops.





Workshops can be made up of tutorials. There will also be related teaching materials and references for the people teaching the workshops.


Work-Through Projects

Creative projects that a tutorial refers to in order to go through the whole process of concept to implimentation. The entire class will go through these projects step-by-step during course time, with the instructor leading the students through it. Everything in the workshop relates to the workThrough project that is associates with that particular tutorial. If the workThrough project does not make use of all four modules then each tutorial could have multiple projects that together make use of sound/image/network/physical.

Each project has a rating that shows how much knoledge/experience the user needs to have in order to not get lost in the project. It is not based on the technical complexity of the project but how the instructor intends to teach it.

Each project will be designed to require a certain number of workshop days to accomplish. Simple projects could be one day, complex ones could be 3-4 days. Projects should not exceed 4 days, with one day per module (image/sound/phys/network).

They serve to:

  • Show students how projects go from concept to implimentation
  • Inspire students in thier own projects
  • Tie the concepts to something concrete and tangible.



We are looking for ways to fund the development of PDDP. Ideas include grants, pay workshops, and contracted work.


Related Links

bbogart's PDDocumentationStructure wiki


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