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Sections of PDDP:


  * Reference Patches

  * All-About patches


  * Workshops (focus)

    * 2 day

    * 1 week

    * 4 week

  * Courses (later down the line)

    * Half Semester

    * Semester

  * Tutorials

    * WorkThrough

    * HighLevel modules

* Teachers guide


 * A unit is a part of a module.

 * A module will contain 2 or 4 units. 

 * Each unit in a module covers a different theme.

 * Each module is covered by a single WorkThrough

 * A workThrough is a project that covers at least two themes.

 * A theme is either SINP (Sound, Image, Networks, Physical Media)

 * There are multiple levels of units, level 1 for intro and so on.


 Sunset is the workThrough

  * It has a single module

  * It has four units, S.I.N.P.

  * It is introductory.

  * It would then contain the following units: S1 I1 N1 P1

Units are made to work together, but modules are swappable, so any module could be inserted

Since the difficulty of a workthrough is not based on complexity, but on the high-level abstractions provided then the same workthough would work for multiple levels, just be removing/adding the high-level abstractions!

Fixed lengths of courses available (grid of slots)
Each module has a known time length and order, so they can be used
to build a course like lego. 

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