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Pd Doc Meeting Notes 2005-11-22

(from an email sent to the pd-list by Ben Bogart)

Here are some notes on today's meeting (Nov 22nd)

  • we all seemed to agree that Unicode would be great in PD. (This is one of those pd-dev cross-over issues)
  • When is translation done? Per module? Per phase? How do we keep from redoing translation work?
  • Problem of relative font sizes on platforms (We need to fix this before the templates are really final, since they need to be tested and working on all platforms)

Different Aspects of "Documentation":


  • Collection of Tutorials


  • PDDP Reference/Help (one for each object)
  • All_about (reference for a theme (eg looping))

reference links to all_about patches all_about links to reference patches all_about links to tutorials tutorials will link to all_about patches

Documentation can depend on one external, pddp_link.

Style Guide:

  • Reference Templates should fit on a 800x600 screen.
  • Change template-4 to use template-6 colours and template-6 "more info"
  • Colour Coded templates for tutorials and all_about patches.
  • Make sure colours work on a greyscale printer

Ben has taken on the responsibility of creating for PDDP reference templates based on the discussion @ the meeting above.

For the next meeting:

  • deal with the font issue.
  • Look at and evaluate new templates for reference
  • start tutorial and all_about templates
  • standard GUI elements

then the rest of the agenda from last week, which is more like a todo list:

  • Philosophy - How should PD be taught? - Rules for developing tutorials/workshops/curriculum
  • Programming (overlaps with pd-dev discussions) - Meta data for patches/tutorials/etc.. - "Help" menu

HCS will post the log from the meeting at

Thanks all for coming today


Unicode --bbogart, Sat, 26 Nov 2005 21:02:39 +0100 reply
from Mathieu Bouchard: Ah, just a confirmation that iso-latin-1 accents are already working in DesireData?, thanks to Chun. I couldn't test it yesterday because my local copy was broken. iso-latin-1 should be enough to cover Français, Català, Deutsch, Español, Português, Nederlands, Dansk/Norsk/Svenska, Íslensku, Suomeksi, which already covers maybe 90% of the Pd world. But, if someone wants to look into UTF-8, that would be nice. :)

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