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The Pd developer meetings take place in the IRC chat room #dataflow (irc://

Standard Pd Meeting Time

( Pd meeting clock)

8.00 Pacific Time
10.00 Central Time/Mexico City
11.00 Eastern Time/Peru Time
14.00 BRST/São Paulo
16.00 GMT/Zulu
17.00 Central European CET
18.00 EET/Istanbul/Cairo
19.00 MSK/Moscow
22.30 Indian Standard Time
24.00 CST/Taipei 
1.00 Tokyo/Perth
3.00 Sydney

Meeting Notes

2009-02-13 meeting agenda

  • everyone run pd-devel both from ./pd and wish

  • get people up to speed on the code

  • code organization (namespaces, object style ,etc)

  • claiming chunks to work on

20090209MeetingLog or dataflow-2009-02-13.log

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