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Time: 2014-06-05 14:07:48
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I just got the structure of the existing PDB

please see [PDB Mysql Struture Dump]  which should be converted to the Plone Interface:

I made a UML diagramm how it could work:

One thing is that we combine all tables of externals, patches, abstraction to one
and put in an selection from a Vocabulary which is administrated with The Vocabulary Manager.

The other thing is I dropped the table URLS, instead there is an entry URL which can be used in the entries or be superceded by the Library URL.

Anyway I dont know what todo with the Persons... but see yourself....

The UML diagrams I made and the Product autogenerated where 
the model is included. I used Poseidon UML 3.0 from 
community, since it seems to work best, but its a monster... 

Here is the Zope Product autogenerated with the modelfile included:

 <a href="PDDatabase.tgz">PDDatabase.tgz</a>

The graphics:

<img src="TypeDiagram.png" />

<img src="VocabulariesDiagram.jpg" />

<img src="TypeDiagram.jpg" />

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