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	For alls the features look at , I just put here the ones we
	should use. Since Plone is a Content Management System I do not list
	the features of such a thing.

	- Member Base

	- Free Join (sending passwd over email for Identification)

	- Member Folders for Private, Visible and Published Stuff

	- Different Roles for users

	- Delegation in Homefolders possible

	- Workflow

	- Private / Visible / Pending / Published States

	- Everyone can add News, Events all kind of Documents
	and make Them visible (for referencing in mails etc)

	- Content Types

	  - Documents (Structured Text, HTML, plain Text)

	  - Images and Photos (automatic thumbnail, small, ... generation) Photoalbums

	  - Audio Content (wav, mp3, etc...)

	  - PD Patches with own mime-type and rendering (planned)

	  - General Files

	  - Wikis: CMFWiki or ZWiki

	  - Forum ??? (dont know if this is good, since Wiki is a forum tool to)

	  - Collector eg Bug-Collectors, Idea/Feature Collectors

	  - News (everyone can write and some can review and publish)
             (maybe this could be a blog?)

	  - Events (news for Calendar, everyone can write -> publish)

	  - ... please add wishes

        - General Features:

	  - Search Engine over the whole Site (also into PDFs, etc)

	  - RSS Syndication 

            (whatever this is ??? fbar: This is cool. It allows us
	    to publish headlines, that other sites like can include
	    in their sidebars)

	  - bookmarkable

	  - We could make some Products like Library, etc,
	    Everyone can create and they could be search like in a database

	  - External Database (for unique external object names ;-)

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