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A Set Of Pure Data Objects Cloned From Max/MSP

Current release

No stable release available yet.

Experimental releases

Upcoming and alpha/beta/candidate releases

  • Alpha releases should only be used for testing and development.
  • Beta releases and Release Candidates are normally released for production testing, but should not be used on mission-critical sites.
  • Always install on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.
Cyclone 0.1-alpha57 (Alpha release) Released 2015-01-03
0.1-alpha57 release. Mainly bug fixes
Cyclone 0.1-alpha55 (Alpha release) Released 2005-11-21
version included in Pd-extended 0.42.5 with some build fixes
Cyclone 0.1-alpha54 (Alpha release) Released 2005-03-21
legacy release 0.1alpha54
Cyclone 0.1-alpha53 (Alpha release) Released 2005-02-28
legacy release alpha53
Cyclone 0.1-alpha52 (Alpha release) Released 2005-01-27
legacy release
Cyclone 0.1-alpha51 (Alpha release) Released 2005-01-11
legacy release

Project Description

Project resources


A set of Pure Data objects cloned from Max/MSP


Cyclone expands Pure Data with objects cloned from cycling74's Max/MSP.

It thus provides some good level of compatibility between the two environments, helping users of both systems in the development of equivalent patches.


About this page's releases:

This page carries many legacy releases from Cyclone (0.1-alpha versions), but the latest cyclone releases are made available via Pd's library download manager (aka 'deken'). So, in order to check the latest versions, all you need to do is simply go to the Help Menu and click on "find externals", then search for 'cyclone'.


You can find more about the Cyclone project in its current repository on Github:

Repository for "Cyclone-0.3 and onward" releases


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